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Top Code Cache/Memory Latencies (In-Page Random Access) Ranks
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Top Chipset/Memory Ranks
Top Chipset/Memory Ranks
Code Cache/Memory Latencies (In-Page Random Access)
Benchmark Code Cache/Memory Latencies (In-Page Random Access)
Description Measures the latency of the cache hierarchy systems.
Result Interpretation Lower scores are better.
Type Chipset/Memory
Rank Type Local Rank
Individual Results 5
Total Results 5
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Individual Results
Local Rank User Team Computer/Device Result ID Score Capacity Speed State Platform Operating System Created
#14 (>7.14%) #14 (>7.14%) JohnR JohnR Notebook Review Notebook Review Acer ICONIA W3-810 CloverTrial System (Acer CHEETAH) Acer ICONIA W3-810 CloverTrial System (Acer CHEETAH) Intel Atom; 8GB SanMax JM800QSU-2G DDR3 PC3-6400 Intel Atom (Cloverview) DMI Bridge; 8GB SanMax JM800QSU-2G DDR3 (1.33GHz 66% OC 64-bit) PC3-6400 (7-10-10-26 4-36-5-10) 140.6ns 8.00GB 1334MHz OverClocked : 66% Tablet/Pad Windows x86 6.3 11 June 2014
4 - 18 (5)  Begin
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