SiSoftware Sandra 2018 Titanium
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Top GP (GPU/CPU/APU) Scientific Analysis (Normal/Single Precision) Ranks
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Top General Processor (GP) Ranks
Top General Processor (GP) Ranks
GP (GPU/CPU/APU) Scientific Analysis (Normal/Single Precision)
Benchmark GP (GPU/CPU/APU) Scientific Analysis (Normal/Single Precision)
Description Measures the scientific analysis (common algorithms) performance of processors.
Result Interpretation Higher scores are better.
Type General Processor (GP)
Rank Type Global Rank
Individual Results 114913
Total Results 143890
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Individual Results
Global Rank User Team Computer/Device Result ID Score Capacity Speed State Platform Operating System Created
#38572 (>66.43%) #38572 (>66.43%) Anonymous Anonymous World World Dell Precision Tower 3420 Precision (Dell 02K9CR) Dell Precision Tower 3420 Precision (Dell 02K9CR) Intel HD Graphics 530; NVIDIA Quadro K1200 Intel(R) HD Graphics 530; NVIDIA Quadro K1200 (704SP 28C 953MHz/1.15GHz, 576ko L2, 10.4Go DDR4 2.13GHz 128-bit, Graphiques Internes) (OpenCL) 230.52GFLOPS 28CU 953MHz Normal Desktop