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Details for Result ID XenServer PV Network Device #0 (Ethernet, 1Gbps)
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Local Rank #99
Position Higher than 96.68% ranked results
Points 97
Score 3.29MB/s
Qualification Excellent Performance ;)
Created 28 July 2015
Serial Number c2ffccfbddbcdde0d3e6d2e7d1f785b888aecbae93a385f6cbfb
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Internet Connection
Internet Connection
Name / Version SiSoftware Sandra 21.42
Registered No
Internet Connection Internet Connection
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Individual Result
Result ID XenServer PV Network Device #0 (Ethernet, 1Gbps)
Component XenServer PV Network
Number of Devices / Threads 1 / 1
State Normal
Speed 1000.00Mbps
Performance vs. Speed (aka Speed Efficiency) 0.00MB/s/Mbps
Performance vs. Power (aka Power Efficiency)
Capacity 1000.00Mbps
Capacity vs. Power (aka Size Efficiency)
Performance vs. Cost (aka Cost Efficiency)
Capacity vs. Cost (aka Size Efficiency)
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Xen HVM domU
Xen HVM domU
Name Xen HVM domU
Brand XEN
Platform Server/WorkStation
Operating System Windows x86 6.1
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ko kunho
ko kunho
Name ko kunho
Status Active
한국 (Korea) 한국 (Korea)
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Name World
Status Active
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